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Selecting a new instrument to accompany the congregation can be a challenge. But if your team has the same basic understanding of congregational singing and how instruments help that, the process can be much easier.

Worship Singer

Recently we have started to attend a new church. This 'new' church regularly has 'special music' (at least one each week). My initial thought when visiting was 'Is Special Music still valid for current Worship Services?'

If you're younger and don't know what special music is, it is basically a solo or ensemble piece that is included in the 'body' of the worship service.

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performing arts lighting

I've had this growing thought that we need to reclaim the performing arts for Christ.

It started about 15 years ago when I was working in a public school theatre program. It's stereotypical that you see some of the most 'anti-bilbical' stuff in the theatre program (even in a public high school), but definitely very true*. That is the 'obvious' place where we can see the need, and where we can see Satan trying to take over an entire part of creation.

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four stars

If you don't carefully study worship, and more specific - worship leading, you might think "worship is worship is worship". However, if you are a worship leader you do need to be a bit more specific in your understanding of worship. Just as the saying 'medicine is medicine is medicine' is not completely accurate, esp. if you are a doctor, so too is the statement about worship.

marching band

This past week we wrapped up a week of kids music camp. Before that I was directing a summer marching band. The week before that it was starting up our summer sports program. And before that it was planning for our scouting program.

I'm still amazed at how many 'worship ministers' (and church leadership teams) discount arts (and sports/activity) programs, thinking that they don't have a place within the church today. I must say ... these people are VERY short-sighted.

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